What is Sun Spots (Melasma)?

Sun spots (melasma), are usually appeared as brown blemishes on the face. Especially it is more common in women.  Sun spots are often symmetrical on both sides of the face. Sun spots are mostly seen in certain facial areas such as the forehead, cheek, nose, and upper lip. They are also triggered by pregnancy, hormone therapy, and birth control pills. Such spots can get darker in the summer months and get lighter in the winter months; however, they can also remain dark all year round.

What causes skin spots?

  • Aging
  • Genetic predisposition
  • The effect of sunlight
  • Hormone treatments
  • Birth control pills
  • Pregnancy period effect
  • Acne, black spots
  • Unconscious use of cosmetic products
  • Infectious diseases can cause skin blemishes

How does skin spot occur?

It is a melanin pigment that gives the skin its color. However, the skin begins to produce more melanin due to sun, old age, pregnancy, hormone therapy and birth control pills. For this reason, hand, face, neck and décolleté regions that are in most contact with the sun and chemicals are affected more than the spot problem.

What are the treatments of spots?

  • Spot Treatment with PRP
  • Spot Treatment with Mesotherapy
  • Spot Treatment with Chemical Peeling
  • Spot Treatment with Laser

When does the skin respond to spot treatment?

The duration and result of malesma treatment depends on number of spots and responses of the malesma treatment.

What do our Dermatology Doctors Eda Tiftikçi and Tuğba Türe say about Spots?

It is recommended that you do not trust the information on the Internet without any face-to-face clinical examination.





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